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I like to write about mathematics and computing solutions to maths problems in a fun and approachable way. FinTech, Biophysics and Probability are my main foci.

So about ten days ago I got interested in this project, which describes itself as the ‘hardest data science tournament on the planet’. This would be — and I’ve decided to write a series about my experiences with getting to know this platform, what is it about, what are the people like etc. So, lets get down to business with my experience discovering and why I think it is interesting. …

How many decimal places of π do you know? π is one of those numbers we call irrational . Rational numbers can be described as the ratio of two whole (integer) numbers. But π can not. There are no integers ‘a’ and ‘b’ such that a/b = π. This is true for many (actually infinite) other numbers such as √2 or √3. But π is a little different. It is transcendental as well. Either way, irrational numbers, when written out as a decimal expansion, never ends and never repeats. We can never write out all the numbers to fully account…

Robbo's Mathematical Musings

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